The Snow Queen

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The Snow Queen is a beautiful book for any age. It is written by Hans Christian Anderson, a famous author and poet from Denmark. He has written many fairy tales such as , The Litle Mermaid and the Ugly Duckling. The Snow Queen is about a young girl who sets out to rescue the boy that she loves and is like her brother. The beautiful illustrations bring the story to life!

Review by Megan Holden.

The Silver Sword

Written by Ian Serriallier and illustrated by C. Walter Hodges, the Silver Sword is about the Balicki family who are torn apart during World War 2. Ruth, Bronia and Edek are left as orphans, when the father is sent to a concentration camp and their mother to work in Germany. These children embark on an amazing journey on the hunt for their parents. On their travels the are joined by Jan, who keeps the Silver Sword in his treasure box which was given to him by Joseph Balicki, the children’s father. They leave Warsaw in hope of finding their parents in Switzerland.  The main characters are Ruth, who is the eldest, Edek, Bronia, the youngest and Jan the thief. My favourite character was Ruth. She showed lots of bravery during the journey and she was the one who kept the family together. She always made intelligent decisions. These are four words I would use to describe this book; Humorous, breath-taking, bright and interesting. I really liked this book as there was never a dull moment. It made me happy sometimes and sad other times and it made me realise even though there are tough times now, there were harder times then.

                        I am David

 Written by Anne Holm and illustrated by Doreen Roberts I am David is a fantastic book and I would recommend this book to anyone. David is a young boy who escapes from a concentration camp. Surprisingly the guard helps him to escape and leaves a bottle of water and a compass out just outside the concentration camp at a tree. He is trying to make it to Denmark, where there is no war. On his travels he saves a young girl, runs into Americans who give him money and he finds an artist in a train station. She tells him about her friend who had a son called David and is now in Denmark. Will David make it to Denmark? The only way to find out is to read the.

I liked both the books and I would recommend both books to anyone. I probably preferred The Silver Sword as it had more detail than I am David. They both had the same storyline; children having hard times during World War 2.


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