Closure of St. Brendan’s Church Newmarket

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On Easter Sunday 23rd March 2008 Mass will be said in St. Brendan’s Church, Newmarket for the last time. The church which is over 200 years old has to close for repairs to the ceiling as the plaster is in a dangerous condition. St. Brendan’s Church is a listed building and is a landmark feature in the village of Newmarket.  There are three Catholic churches in the parish of Aghaviller. We hope that the church will not be closed for too long. The church which is situated beside our school has been used in recent years for the staging of the school Nativity play. The bell in the church is the original bell which was rung on 14th Dec. 1831, the date of the Battle of Carrickshock. The bell was rung to call the local people to protest against the payment of tithes to the local rector.



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11 responses to “Closure of St. Brendan’s Church Newmarket

  1. David Rodgers

    My Grandmother, Josephine Cuddihy was baptized at St. Brendan’s Church over 100 years ago. I had the pleasure of attending Mass there in September 2005 while in Ireland for a visit. I look forward to the church repairs being completed so that when I next visit Ireland, I can again go to the Church.

    David Rodgers
    Seattle, Washington, USA

  2. Alex Broderick.

    Hi Mr Rodgers,
    Thank you for your interesting comments.
    We are delighted that our blog is being read in the U.S.A.
    We are not sure if the church will re-open but we hope it will.
    It will cost 1million € or so to restore it.
    It is a big landmark in Newmarket.
    It is a big loss.
    We hope it will at least be preserved.

    Alex. (6 th class)

  3. Megan Holden

    Hello David
    This is Megan! I hope you still remember me from your visit to Ireland! Wow it was a shock when you emailed my school!! I don’t know if you are aware but Josephine (Josie) died on Saturday last (10th of May) I don’t know if Martina has emailed you yet. When we are on the subject of Martina let me tell you her big news: Shes pregnant!!!! She is due in September this year. Is there any news over in Seattle? How is the weather? Its really sunny over here! Well got to go now lots of scholwork to do.

    Megan Holden
    Kilkenny, Ireland.

  4. Chris and Ian Morgan

    Megan, You may not remember us from Tina and Richard’s wedding but we remember you. Sorry to hear of Josie’s passing. The whole family must be excited about a baby for Tina and Richard in September, I am excited and we are miles away in Australia. I hope you enjoy your confirmation on Sunday, God Bless from Chris and Ian Morgan Downunder

  5. Shane Anderson

    My name is Shane Anderson.
    I am related to Catherine Dwyer (other known as Kitty Dwyer) from Baysrath.
    When Kitty’s son Seanie emailed me and told me about the church being closed I was very surprised. Not that long ago I went to Mass in Newmarket church, and thought it looked perfect! I had no idea it would close. I hope that the church opens again so I can again go to Mass there.

    Shane from Calafornia

  6. Megan Holden

    Hi Chris and Ian! Megan here, how have you been keeping? I wasn’t sure if it was you at first so I asked Martina! She wants me to keep you updated on the baby. Everyone at home is excited for her! How is the weather Down under? The weather here is quite good !! Well hope to hear from you soon!
    Bye for now, Megan

    Megan Holden
    Kilkenny Ireland

  7. Rachel O' Dwyer

    Hi Shane, my name is Rachel O’Dwyer.
    Kitty Dwyer is my grandmother so somehow we must be related!
    In what way are you related to Kitty and Seanie?
    Seanie is my GodFather. Seanie may have already emailed you and told you about Cathy’s (Kitty’s grand daughter) big day! But in case he didn’t, I’ll tell you! In July Cathy is getting married! Everyone is going and Cathy is very excited. Speaking of special occasions, it is our Confirmation on Sunday! We are all very excited.
    Hope to hear from you again, Rachel

    Rachel O’ Dwyer,
    Kilkenny, Ireland

  8. Meaghan Edgar

    Hi Megan
    My name is Meaghan also. I’m a friend of Tina and Richards. They stayed at my house when they visited Melbourne, Australia. Geoff Edgar is my dad. Do you remember him from their wedding??
    Your spelling of your name is very common over here. Although mine isn’t. Dad once told me that he wanted to use every letter in the alphabet to spell my name. That’s why it’s so long!!! Ands very uncommon here. Do alot of girls called Megan spell it my way over in Ireland?
    I went to Ireand a few years ago. It’s a great country. So green, just like on the movies.
    Meaghan Edgar
    Melbourne, Australia

  9. Geoff Edgar

    Hi Megan
    What a lovely old church, I hope they reopen it when the renovations are complete. If the don’t, make sure you grab that bell as it rang on Dec 14 1831 to call the locals to the Battle of Carrickshock, to me a very important part of Irish history.
    I suppose everyone is looking forward to the arrival of Martina’s & Richard’s baby as we all are over here.
    I hope your confirmation goes well on Sunday
    See you soon
    Geoff & Maureen

  10. Megan

    Hi Geoff and Meaghan this is Megan !
    How are you keeping?
    To answwer your question Meaghan, Megan is the way most people spell the name in Ireland! Lately I got a message from Chris and Ian. It was nice to get to talk to them again!! It was a surprise to get a message from the both of you!
    My Confirmation was on the 18th of May it was a blast!! I got a new mobile phone. The weather is sunny in Ireland for a change so we are enjoying it while we can!! Well That is about it. I hope to hear from you soon!
    Megan Holden
    Kilkenny Ireland

  11. Sheila Casinger

    In response to Chris and Ian Morgan reply….contact me. I’ve lost your email address and want to know how you are doing. Sheila

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