The trip to Monaghan

Canoeing on The Dromore River Having Fun The Assault Course

On the 3rd and 4th of April 4th, 5th and 6th classes went to Monaghan to meet with the children from Belfast in a project called Dissolving Boundaries. Dissolving Boundaries is project where two schools from different parts of the country link through video phone conferences and forums. It was a five hour journey to get to Tanagh, our hostel in Monaghan . We got something to eat and were split into two groups. Over the two days we did wall climbing, archery, an assault course, canoeing and the slippery slope. We all really enjoyed it and I hope we go there again. The wall climbing and archery were in an old church ( nobody used the church). The assault course was brilliant and everybody got wet and dirty. That night we went for a night hike. At half two on the second day we left for home. We got back at 7 o’clock. The trip was brilliant and we all loved it.

Conor A.



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2 responses to “The trip to Monaghan

  1. Liliana

    Interesting and nice project! You’ve been pretty busy lately. 😉

  2. Cáit

    Hi Liliana, Cáit here.
    I will be leaving primary school in a little over a week, so I am summing up about our school outings of the year.
    Thanks for leaving a reply!!.
    We have been quite busy lately! We also went to Tramore in County Waterford for our school tour. We went surfing there. Mr.Duggan even took part in the surfing! arrived in Tramore at 10 o’clock. We went surfing for about an hour. We then had lunch. After that we went on a beach discovery walk along the beach. We found all sorts of things. The walk was 8km. long. After the walk we went to Mac.Donalds. for a bit of grub to eat!! It was the best school tour I was ever on!!!
    The trip to Monaghan was also very good. In Monaghan we met up with the Belfast pupils. The preparation we did before the trip was we wrote messages to each other in the Dissolving Boundaries site. We went on the video phone. On the video phone we got to see each other when we were talking. I did the Dissolving Boundaries project 2 years. I thought it was a very good and interesting project. Overall all of the projects we did this year were very good and I liked them all.

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