School Tour 2008: Tramore

Hi I am Alex from 6th class.
I will be leaving Newmarket school in 8 days.
Yesterday I went on my last primary school tour. We went to Tramore in County Waterford. We went surfing which was great fun. I was able to catch about 5 waves. I must have fallen in at least 50 times. Later we went on a beach discovery walk which was about 8km long, looking for things that were unusual to us.We found crab skeletons,seaweed and loads of rocks. On the way home we stopped in MacDonalds for a bite to eat. Of course I ate loads. It was one of the best school tours I was ever on.

Our Surfers


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  1. Gina

    Surely you had a lot of fun during your school trip! Our children do the same when they go out of school with the teachers. If you want to see what they did during this year go on I suppose you have the same age of them and you can get on with them.
    Congratulations to you and your teacher Tom for your Blog !

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