An Extraordinary Day. 29/5/08.

It started off at 10:30, when Peter Kearney came to our school. He is an Australian musician. I was asked to bring in his array of intruments. There were glockenspiels, tambourines and so on. He did a workshop on playing instruments and later on one on singing. They were two amusing workshops. I perferred the one with playing instruments. I played a glockenspiel and the tambourine. Next came the concert! About 21 adults came to see it. We sang 9 songs. I played instruments for two of the songs. All the parents enjoyed it. Kevin did a good job playing the role of Jason. Mairéad was the girl. Peter cracked a few jokes. I loved the song “Who’s That” espicially the part when it comes to the teachers. My least favorite song was “This is our School”. I would love to do it again. We also got no homework. It was a day to remember.

Alex Broderick.   (6th class.)

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