Slán leis an mbunscoil (Farewell to primary school)

Yesterday Wed 25th June we said a fond farewell to our 6th class who are finishing their primary school careers. All six of them have been pupils here with us since they enrolled in Junior infants eight years ago. There was a bit of sadness mixed with excitement among them as they now say slán leis an mbunscoil (farewell to primary school). As they look forward to their new schools we wish them well and thank them for being an excellent class who greatly enhanced our school.
Tom Duggan



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6 responses to “Slán leis an mbunscoil (Farewell to primary school)

  1. Cáit

    Hi all at St.Brendan;s!!
    Cáit here. How are ye all this year? I have been talking to Rachel and Catriona but I haven’t been talking to any of the rest of ye. Mid-term went really quick!! I am really enjoying secondary school. Its great craic!! Lots of homework some nights though. We had Halloween tests. Ye will be very happy to know that I got on very well in them. Alex is getting on great in Kilkenny C.B.S too. I saw the picture of our last day. That was very kind text that went with it. Thank you Mr. Duggan.!!

  2. Cáit

    Hi Cait Catriona here,
    Thanks for your message. We’re all fine. We all miss you here.
    Do you miss being in school here? Do you prefer secondary school to primary? Did you make new freinds in secondary?

  3. stbrendans

    Hi Darren here,
    We are all doing very well so far this year.Hope you and Alex get along well in secondary school. Did you or Alex make much friends in your new schools? Do you like the subjects they have there? I hope ye don’t get too much homework.

  4. Cáit

    Hi Darren and Catriona!!
    Yes we have made lot of new friends in our new schools. I am still very good friends with Jenny too. Yes I like most of the subjects but they are getting harder. We get a bit of homework. How much we get really depends on the teachers and whether they like us or not!!! I miss the lunchtimes in primary because for lunchtime in secondary we just walk around the school. On Thursdays I have volleyball at lunch. Yes I do prefer secondary school! Alex prefers secondary too. I miss the little amount of homework in primary school!!! How are ye getting on with Dissolving Boundaries this year? I have to go and study now! Bye!!

  5. Lisa

    Hi all in st.brendans??!!!
    Lisa here… Just said i wolud drop a comment??
    how are all of ye doing???
    Cant wait getting holidays in friday(19th) and going in monday for a concert and mass how primary now with out us all??? Me, Megan and Kevin are all getting on well?? down here???Well none of us have got dention yet?? So any news…? Hos all the new students i bet they are all lilttle cuties???…
    So wen you getting holidays???
    Bye for now??

  6. Dan Dineen

    What a privilege to have spent some time during 2008 to have taught fifth and sixth classes. Both classes were a treasure to work with. I wish sixth class every success in their new school and throughout their further education.

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