The SECOND semi-final!!


Today at lunchtime we had our last semi-final of our school league. Josh’s team played against Conor Aylward’s team. Josh was the favourite to win because he beat Conor’s team at the start of the league. Conor’s team had an early lead as I scored the opening goal. By half time the score was 2-2 to 0-2. The second half was more difficult as the teams were more eager to win. After 10 minutes into the second half Jody slid on the wet grass and he slid into the curb. Despite his injury he carried on in the match. Just before the match was over Luke McNamara scored the clinching goal when he pulled first time. The final score was 5-4 to 3-2. Conor Alyward and Darragh Brennan will be fighting for the title on Monday the 23-3-09.

                                      Reported by Kieran Purcell


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  1. Jody

    Since I was in the league I thought it was a really hard game.I was on Josh’s team who lost. We were beaten by Conor’s team. In the end the best team won. I’m looking forward to the next school league.Well done to everyone who played.

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