St. Brendan’s and the fox


Yesterday there was an unusual visitor to the school. A little fox cub!Her name is Minnie. She is about 3 weeks old and looks like a black kitten. She drinks milk from a baby bottle ( she won’t drink the milk unlesss it is heated ) and will sometimes eat some puppy food. She is not allowed cows milk so she is given SMA baby milk. She stays in a house with 2 terriers and in the wild the dogs would have killed her. My grandmother is rearing her as a pet and hopefully we can keep her if she doesn’t get vicious. She was an orphan and would have died unless she was found ( her mother was killed by hunters ). Minnie will turn orange as she gets older. She has little wisps of orange fur on her face.

By Katelynn Walsh



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2 responses to “St. Brendan’s and the fox

  1. Marie-France

    Hello katelynn,

    I used to have a fox home when I was much younger. We got it from hunters who found him in a hole. We did exactly like you: feeding him milk fom a baby bottle and later on giving him puppy food. He grew up and became a fantastic fox and followed us everywhere. He was never vicios but we had to be careful with the neighbourhood chickens ( he killed one or two of them because nature had given him huting talents). My parents always paid our neighbours for the dead chickens. His name was Arthur and he lived with us for more than 2 years before he heard the call of the willd and disappeared. I am sure he survived because he was really clever and knew how to cope with human beings without being too trusting. He was a lovely animal but never a pet.
    Marie-France from Brittany ( France)

  2. Katelynn

    Hi Marie.
    Thanks for writing to me. Im sorry about Arthur running away. Did he love the smell of moss and clay? Minnie loves to leap around the flowers and patches of dirt. She also likes hiding on you. Did Arthur have any toys? Minnie loves to tear up her sponge. We don’t go near her when she has it in case she would bite. She doesn’t use a bottle anymore, she drinks water now.

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