School’s Hurling Report


Hi Darren and Conor here. Yestarday we played our last school’s hurling match of the year. We were against Kilmacow and we won. At half time it was Kilmacow 3-1 , Carrickshock 1-2.  Although we were 5 points down we fought hard for every ball. Our captain was Darragh Brennan who inspired us to a great victory. Conor Duggan played an outsanding game and scored 4 good points and tried his hardest. Conor Alyward played an excellent game in the backs running for every ball. Darren had a brilliant game,  did some great flicks and scored the first goal of the game. Afterwards we gave our trainer Joe Brennan and manager Tom Duggan a great round of applause. It was the last time Conor Duggan played in a Carrickshock jersey. Final score Carrickshock 4-5 Kilamacow 3-1.

‘ Bye for now Conor and Darren.

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