Last day at Primary school.

6th class 2009

6th class 2009

Hi Conor A here

I’m getting a week off school because I’m going on holidays so I’m writing about primary school. There’s loads of stuff that I’ll remember about school. Like when Conor D chased a fly around the room or when I broke my nose and in Junior Infants I stuck a crayon up my nose and had to go to the doctor. The doctor wanted to know if I wanted it back. I’ll miss Newmarket (and I’ll miss the 6th class cycle) when I move into Kieran’s in Kilkenny. There’s been loads of funny things during the years. I’ve got into trouble a lot as well. I’ll remember the time when I fell off the chair and when I had my own phrase “Dinnéar mór blasta.” I’ll miss Newmarket and I’ll hate secondary school, probably.



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12 responses to “Last day at Primary school.

  1. Conor D

    Hi Conor,
    Conor D here.
    I remember the day you stuck the crayon up your nose well.
    It was really funny. I remember I dared you to do it.
    Hope to see you during the summer.
    Bye for now.
    Conor D

  2. Darragh

    Hi Conor A,
    Darragh here.

    I remember when we were in fourth class I broke your nose.
    You got a half day for that too.
    I hope you have a good holiday.



  3. Darren

    Hi Conor,
    Darren here.
    I have seen you break your nose twice.
    But you keep telling me you broke it another time by running into a wall at your house.
    I don’t know how you broke it three times.
    Bye for now,

  4. Catriona

    Hi Conor,
    Catriona here.
    “Dinnéar mór blasta”that was so funny!
    we’ll all miss you!
    Bye for now,

  5. Rachel

    Hi Conor!
    Rachel here!
    Remember when we were
    in senior infants and you told
    everyone that you were an alien!
    That was so funny!
    Bye for now,

  6. Conor Aylward

    Hi lads,
    What was the cycle like? Hope ye had fun. Did Mr Duggan like his present? Hey Darren i never told you that I broke my nose a third time! Your the only one that thinks I broke it a third time. Aswell Rachel would you leave it go that I thought I was an alien. I was wierd in senior infants but i’m not wierd now! Have fun next year fifth class,
    See ye all soon,
    Conor A

  7. Darragh

    Hi 6th class!!
    How are ye all?
    Hows are the schools matches going?
    Are ye still collecting the mobile phones because I have a few here I might drop them in.

    Bye for now,

  8. Kieran

    Hi Darragh!
    Kieran here.
    We’re all grand.
    The school matches aren’t going great.
    We lost every match so far but we have a match today so maybe we could win then.
    We are still colecting for the mobile phones.
    How’s secondary school?
    Do you have a lot of homework?
    Bye for now.

  9. Darragh

    Hi Kieran,
    Ye I have a few mobile phones i’l try to drop them in!
    Secondary school is good fun!
    Its great craic switching classes every 40 minutes.
    Only on Thursdays is when I get much homework!
    The teachers give you time in school to get your homework done so most days I have no homework!
    Conor and I got on the A squad in school we had a match on Tuesday I was playing midfield and Conor was playing full forward. We won 10-13 to 00-01. I hope Mr.Duggan isn’t giving ye too much homework.
    Are ye doing any projects?

  10. Conor Aylward

    Hello everyone

  11. Rachael

    Rachael here!
    How is ye all?
    Any news?
    Are ye doing the dissolving boundries project again this year?


  12. Sean

    Hi Rachel were not doing dissolving boundaries were doing a
    Comenius project with a school from Norway and a school from England =)

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