The School Hurling League

Action from today's game

Action from today's game

Today we  started the school hurling league. The two teams playing  were Josh’s team and Edwin’s team. It was a real good game. At half time the score was level 1 goal each. In the end Josh’s team beat Edwin’s team 1-0 to 2-2. After the match Josh said “I thought Edwin was going to pull away at half time”. We are really looking foward to the rest of the games. Thanks for reading from all at Newmarket. This is Jody reporting.



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7 responses to “The School Hurling League

  1. stbrendans

    I thought it was a very good match everybody played great.
    It was a good game and I got the first goal.
    It was a fun game and I hope we do better next time.
    I hope we win next time.

  2. Grace Aylward

    i thought it was a good game and i am looking forward to playing edwin and joshes team.conor says hi to lads in sixth class.

  3. Grace Aylward

    p.s.kieran you wont win next time trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jody

    Hey Grace your dead right. No teams are going to win but my team. The best team in the world.

  5. Grace Aylward

    be careful dont write any one off

  6. Grace Aylward

    2 day we beat edwins team. great game i thougt except sean kept falling over th was a low scoring game.

    p.s sean you need to practice to stop falling over the ball.

    p.s.s. i told ya kieran, ye wouldnt win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Grace Aylward

    hay edwins team better luck next time

    from jodys team

    ( actually just grace)

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