School Hurling Final!

Today one of our best school league final took place on our school pitch. We started in October and now it’s all over. A great win for Jody. Before the analysis here are the teams.

Jody(C)                                         Josh(C)

Grace                                            Jake

Tomas                                           Liam

Hollie                                              Shauna

Hannah                                          Nel

Josh was the favourite to win which meant Jody was the underdog. But he proved us all wrong by beating a very good side. The match got off to a slow start with Hollie getting the first score. Jody made some great saves in the first half by flicking the sliotar away on the goal line. At half time the score was split 0-2 to 0-1 to Josh’s team.

The second half got off to a great start as both of the captains came outfield. After a while Josh got tired and he went back on goal. But that never stopped him from scoring. He made a lovely shot as he hit the sliotar high in the sky and it lobbed over the goalkeeper, Hannah, and it went in the goal. At this point Jody was two points down and he needed some scores. And then his wish came true. Jody struck the ball and it sailed into the back of the net. And then he scored two great points which sealed the victory. A great all round performance by both teams. Jody and his team can celebrate that win as they get free homework tonight. I say the man of the match  would have to go to……………………….Jody because he gave a great performance after coming from two points down to three points up. And also dont forget all those maraculous saves he made.

I leave you with the scorers and the team lineouts.


Josh: 1-2                                                 Jody:1-5

Jake:0-1                                                  Hollie:0-1


Josh’s team


Backs: Shauna,Nel


Forwards:Jake, Roseanne

Jody’s Team

Goal: Jody

Backs: Jodie, Hannah

Midfield: Grace

Forwards: Tomás, Hollie

This is Kieran Purcell reporting. 😀

Photos by Edwin Cahill.



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9 responses to “School Hurling Final!

  1. Kieran P

    /……….came out wrong ………….

  2. Jody

    In all fairness i think Josh played class. I’m sorry to Liam for giving him a hard time after all its not basketball. Everyone played deadly class.Tough game. Last hurling league game for me and the rest of the captains.

  3. Jody

    I want to say to all the people who said I was going to lose. na na na na na I proved ye wrong na na na na

  4. stbrendans

    Martin here,
    It was the toughest, the best and the most exciting match ever.

  5. Josh

    Well done to all of the players on Jody’s team they all played great it was very unlucky for me but the best team won on the day.

    P.S for all the people who thought I was going to win, it just shows if you keep fighting and get a bit of luck (like Jody’s goal)you might win.=D

  6. Kieran P

    well done 2 both teams i thought it was a great match…… :clap: :wave:

  7. WELL LADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wats d craic in newmarket these days:)
    Janey Mack the amount of photos ye had for the school final, it must have been good.

  8. Conor D

    Well lads I heard Jody’s team won the league. What’s your school team like this year? Did ye do a halloween play this year and was it good? See ya

  9. Kieran p

    Hey conor, hows things? Our skul footbal league neva went to wel. We won 1 match i tink. We did do a halloween play this year. In fact we did 2. The girls made 1 wit every1 in it. Nd da boys made 1 4 da boys. Da boys 1 ws beta. Soz im talking in txt im on fone nt computer. C u l8r:-D:-P

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