Comenius visit to Ireland

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On Monday the 15th of March 5th and 6th classes went to Dublin Airport to collect the visitors from England and Norway. Thankfully neither of the flights was delayed. After collecting everyone we went to Croke Park to see the museum and to get a tour of the stadium. First our guide, Simon, showed us a video of hurling and football finals. Next we were shown the player’s lounge, the dressing rooms, and warm-up area, the corporate boxes, the premium level, the Hogan Stand and the upper tier of the Davin Stand. Simon told us about the history of Croke Park and about the history of the stands. On our way back home we stopped to get something to eat in McDonald’s. When we arrived back at the school there was a meal for the visitors and the host families.


The visitors came to school with us to see how we were taught. We did our mental maths, we taught the visitors a bit of Irish, in science we were talking about balance and how much we need it and we put our head on the door and tried to move our leg away but we couldn’t do it without moving our heads away from the door, and we read a story about the Titanic and did memory tests.  After school we went to Gáirdín an Ghorta. We showed them the house which would have been a typical Irish farmer’s cottage in the 19th century, told them about the famine and we showed them the rest of the garden. That night there was Irish music and Irish dancing, and also a disco. The DJ did Michael Jackson dance moves and dressed up as him too.


Late Wednesday morning we all met at Kilkenny Castle. We were given a short tour.

We saw the entrance hall, the library, the gallery and the Kitchen. Afterwards we went down onto High Street to watch the parade. There were hurlers, kick-boxers, cricket players, dancers, a pipe band, martial arts groups, people dressed up in costumes as big people, St.Partick on a motor bike, scouts, and people running around dressed as a person on a pig, and a fire engine. Afterwards most of us went to Langton’s for our dinner. After eating our fill we made our way to Dunne’s to do a bit of shopping. Soon afterwards we went to K bowl. We were put into groups and we had 3 lanes all together. We all enjoyed that.

That week was really fun, I think everyone enjoyed it, but it was also a bit hectic. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Anne-Marie Barron


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