Funky Kids


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The Funky Kids workshop was a ten week programme where we danced, sang and we had hand puppets! We made our costumes and puppets by hand. Each classroom also made their own scenes that hung proudly behind us as we performed. We wore stage make-up to suit our characters which were dolls, clowns and puppets. But none of this could have possible with out two people called Dennis and Olivia.Our shows were on the 18th and 19th of March from seven to nine at night. They taught us our dances, brought us the materials to make our costumes, the stage and the lights. It was amazing. I wish it could have lasted longer. Everyone in the school took part including Mr. Duggan and Miss Carroll who did a mime together. It was about a doctor (Mr. Duggan) and a patient (Miss Carroll). We also had Liam Aylward up on stage doing the mime ‘The Laughing Policeman.’ We designed and coloured programs which were given to when you were paying the admission. At the half time break there was a raffle for some Easter prizes. All the money that was collected between the admission and the raffle tickets is going towards the extension to our school. It was a great experience and I would love to do it again but unfortunately they won’t be back for another two years.

By Katelynn Walsh


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