School Hurling League Final

Today the 24th of March we had a mini school hurling league final. The 2 teams in the final were Josh Price & Kieran Neville’s team. Josh got to the final by beating Sean Cassin and Kieran by beating Jody Dwyer. It was a great match with Jake Dwyer getting the first point in the very early stages of the game. The first goal of the game was delivered by young Darragh Dwyer. The goal on the road side was extremely mucky. At the end of the match the pitch was really mucky. Ground conditions were very wet at the beginning and ending of the match. The half-time score was Josh’s team 2-0 and Kieran 0-2. In the second half the 2 captains Josh and Kieran came out field. Josh had a great game outfield scoring for fun at this stage. With John Cassin saving a great shot in the 2nd half. In the end the score was Josh 5-3 Kieran 0-2. The pitch was destroyed at the end of the game but it will recover over the Easter Holidays. The league went really well and was very competitive. Can’t wait for the next league.

By: Jody Dwyer     Photos:  Jody Dwyer



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2 responses to “School Hurling League Final

  1. darragh dwyer

    well lads how is it in Barcelona

  2. yehh post somkethin up bout em im waitin …( jus jokin) it would be nice for (THE BLOG) HOW ARE YEH ANYWAY MR DUGGAN N PUPILS HOPE YER ALL WELL 🙂

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