Confirmation Day

Window Hugginstown Church

Yesterday the 25th of the April 2010 5th and 6th class from Stoneyford, Newmarket and Monroe made their Confirmation in the local church in Hugginstown. 36 pupils made their Confirmation. The bishop Seamus Freeman said mass and confirmed us. We went to Peace in Christ last week for a retreat. In Peace in Christ we had a mass and we meditated and watched a slideshow. The girls did a mime and they had practised really hard. It was really good. They received a great round of applause at the end. At the end of mass we went outside and had our photos taken with the Bishop. He only barely made it back to Ireland from Rome as he had been stranded there for two weeks due to the volcanic ash from the volcano in Iceland. He missed two Confirmations the previous week.  It was the greatest day of our lifetime so far.

 By Jody Dwyer and Kieran Neville



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2 responses to “Confirmation Day

  1. Darren Audoire

    Congrats on the confirmation!!!
    Hows all the lads and Mr.duggan?

  2. Katelynn and Roseanne

    It was so much fun. I had a great time. Katelynn.
    I had loaads of fun. Rosanne.
    Its too bad that you only get confirmed once. Katelynn
    The cermony was so long. Roseanne
    But the mime turned out great. Loads of people told me that they had never seen anything like it before and that we looked really graceful. Katelynn 🙂
    The whole church was packed and loads of people had to stay outside and they got really wet. Roseanne 🙂

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