The European Maths Challenge

On the 2nd of this month the European maths challenge took place. We played games against people from countries all over. Some people played people from Finland, Portugal, Japan and even Iceland.  It was fun playing against people from all over the world. You could pick which level to go also. I think I got better and quicker at my maths from going on it.



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3 responses to “The European Maths Challenge

  1. stbrendans

    I liked my visit to Newmarket.

  2. On behalf of 6th class

    Hi Mr. Duggan!
    Kieran here!
    6th class wuz wundering as seen as it is our last year in this skul and we only have a month left we were thinking of holding a fund raising event for the building fund!!! Everything can be organized by us all we need is a date and a price!! If u are willing to allow us to go ahead plz tell us in skul thanks we will have live music entertainer… me jake nd martin…. sport classes ran by 6th class pu[ils and a talent show…
    We think it is a great way to say thanks for all the teachin ye gave us… thanks…

    • stbrendans

      Hello Kieran,
      What a novel way to seek permission , well done! Your idea seems to be good. We need to discuss it fully with all the other class members. You can raise the topic in class and we will get the opinions from everyone.
      Mr. Duggan

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