Our Fun Day

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Our Fun day

Yesterday the 1st of June we had a fun day. The pupils went in different groups according to their classes except for 6th class who had organised the event. The price was one euro per pupil and there were sweets, buns and drinks for sale at lunch time. We had art classes, P.E. games, a concert and a talent show. For the talent show we had 5 judges who rated the act from one to ten. We had many entrants from singers to dancers to violinists. In the end our winners were two girls from 4th class who danced for us. Each pupil made something out of clay for art and the games for P.E. varied for each group. In total we made €163.52! But we didn’t keep it, we gave to our principal to put it towards the new classroom for the younger pupils. It’s only a small amount but we were happy that we could give something to the school before we leave.
By Katelynn


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  1. kp

    luk at me drums they look awesome and big thanks to jakes add ons

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