Our Trip to England

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Our Trip to England

On Monday morning I got up, got ready and dad drove me and Anne-Marie to Waterford airport. When we arrived, Martin, Josh and Mr. Duggan were there and Ms. Carroll arrived after us. Our flight was at 11.55. We had a nice flight to Manchester. When we arrived, we collected our bags and made our way to terminal 3, to meet the Norwegians. While we were waiting we had something to eat. When the Norwegians arrived we introduced ourselves, there was one boy- Kurt and three girls- Ruth Solveig, Ania and Sylvia and two teachers- Anne- Grethe and Lars Erik. We then met up with Ms. Ensby and Anthony;Bronte’s dad, who was driving us to their school- Hartshead Junior and Infant school. When we arrived at the school we had a barbeque and met the families we were staying with.

On Tuesday we arrived at the school and boarded the bus that was going to take us to the Countryside Days Event, at the Great Yorkshire show in Harrogate. We saw cows, bulls, goats, sheep, pigs and even ferrets! We did a quiz about ferrets and after we got to race a ferret! We learned also about organic growing. What amazed me the most about that day was that some of the pupils from the school had never even seen a bull before!

On Wednesday we went into school and saw what their lessons were like. We were read a story from Norway- The Billy Goats Gruff. While Anne-Grethe was reading us the story we got to taste brown cheese and Norwegian chocolate. They were both lovely! At about 12.00 we left the school and went into Bradford, to the National Media Museum. It was great! We got to see how television programs were made and we got a chance to try out all the equipment! We went down to the ground floor and got a drink and souvenir. After that, we went to the IMax cinema screen; it is the largest cinema screen in Europe! We saw a movie in 3D. It was so cool because it was about the first space station and when a rocket took off, it was like all the dust and wind were coming into your face! We later went for a curry in Omar’s. It was really nice. All they had was curry! They had the biggest naan bread in all of Yorkshire! It was bigger than a two person table in a restaurant! Finally, after that we went bowling. It was a really big bowling alley! There were the rides, a sweet counter, the bowling lanes and even a bar! Afterwards, we said our goodbyes to the Norwegians as they were leaving at 6.00 in the morning the next day! I was a bit sad because I had made friends with the Norwegian girls.

The next morning I said goodbye to the Graham’s, the family I was staying with. We went into school for the morning and left for Manchester airport. As we were driving there we were told by Anthony, who was driving us there that we were driving through the Pennines, England’s largest mountain range. When we arrived at the airport we said our thanks to Anthony and went to check-in. When we passed through passport control, we had a quick look about the shops and made our way to the gate. When we boarded the plane, we discovered that the plane was half empty! We had a nice flight home and when we arrived in Waterford; our families were there to meet us.
I had a lovely time in England and would like to go back there sometime.

By Mairéad Barron


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  1. kp

    Last full day of skul 2mara!!!! 8 years of primary it went pretty fast. I had a gr8 time though.

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