The Best School Tour Yet

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School Tour 2010
On the 21st of June, 2nd – 6th class went to Limerick University for our annual school tour. We got on the bus at 8a.m and we left immediately. It was a long enough trip to Limerick. It took 2 hours to get there. When we arrived, we had a quick bite to eat then we split up into our groups. They were 5th and 6th and 2nd ,3rd .and 4th. First we did an indoor obstacle course. We spent about an hour at this. It was great fun. Afterwards we got our bags and we went for a walk to do some rafting and canoeing. We spent about 15 minutes jumping into cold water, which was great fun. Straight afterwards we went canoeing. We all had our individual canoes and we did canoeing in the water for 10 minutes. After that we went back to the dressing rooms, had a shower, and we went off yet again to do Archery. We had to pull the bow back really far to get the arrow to stick. We did a half an hour of this. Now it was about 12.20 and we ate our lunch and we had a break. We spent most of lunch just sitting down. The instructors came back 45 minutes later. Then when they came back, we went swimming in an Olympic size swimming pool. We were swimming for more than half an hour. We got back into our clothes and we went inside to go on the loopy ladders. They were wobbly ladders attached to a bouncy castle. We were playing against the younger group. In the end, we won 5-3. When we did enough of that we did the best thing of the day. It was a large bouncy castle with four mounted stations in it. We got into pairs and we took turns. What we had to do was, use the demolition ball in the middle of the bouncy castle to knock the other two players off their stations. This was great fun. After everyone got a go, we got our shoes back on and we went outside to play a short soccer match. At 4:30 we left the University. But…… it wasn’t over yet. After that long day of fun and enjoyable day of games and activities, we were pretty hungry. So we went to McDonalds for a bite to eat. After everyone had finished their meal, we got on the bus, and we made the long journey home back to Newmarket. This year’s school tour was the best by far over the last 6 years. It was a great way to finish our last week ever in our school.
By Kieran Purcell 6th class



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6 responses to “The Best School Tour Yet

  1. Gina

    A great day, indeed! I can see from the photos and from the written. Of course you must have enjoyed everything, even the cold water! How cold was it?

  2. kp

    Its wuz FREZZING but gr8 fun

  3. jodie giles

    it wasnt cold in the canoe but frezzing jumping of raft

  4. Kiah Dwyer

    I had great crack to:p I loved jumping off the as well:p

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