The Road To Croker

I couldn’t sleep on Saturday night, I was too excited about going to the all Ireland final the next morning. My father woke me at quarter past seven. I had a shower and got dressed. We left at five past eight. We met up with our cousins in Carlow for breakfast. We went to Tougher’s Restaurant. They serve lovely food. On we went from there heading for Dublin. There wasn’t that much traffic at all. The only bit of traffic was when the Tipp and Kilkenny people merged on the motorway. When we got to Dublin we parked in the college car park. We were parked at half ten. The minor match started at quarter past one. We had loads of time to kill. Our cousins brought tea and sandwiches so we had some sandwiches then we headed for Croke Park at about half eleven. The atmosphere was amazing. I had never seen so many people in my life. It was unbelievable. We went to the shop to get drinks and sweets. Then we waited at the back of the Hogan stand for a while. We couldn’t get four seats together so I went with my dad to the Cusack and Jake stayed with my mother in the Hogan. We started talking to people we knew. Then Donal Foley came and took our picture. Next we went to find our seats. We were in upper tier section 701. It was right in the corner but we had a great view. The Kilkenny minors won. The president of G.A.A presented Killian Buckley (captain) with the cup. Then they went on their lap of honour. Everybody cheered for the seniors as they ran onto the pitch. They warmed up and stretched, and then President Mary McAleese came onto the pitch. TJ Reid and Eoin Kelly introduced the president to their teams. They sang the National Anthem, then……… GAME ON! Twelve minutes into the match Henry Shefflin went off with an injury. Michael Rice came on instead of him. Kilkenny were losing by one point at half time. Everyone thought that they would come back and beat Tipp. Kilkenny fans jumped for joy when Richie Power stuck the sliotar in the back of the Tipp net. But it was the Tipp fans that jumped for joy when referee David Wadding blew the whistle. The final score was 4:17 to 1:18. We were very disappointed but at least we got the four in a row. There’s always next year. I don’t know what time we got home at but it was late. I had a great day!




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17 responses to “The Road To Croker

  1. Kiah Dwyer

    Yeh i was very dissapointed as well but at least the minors won!!!!!

  2. Niamh

    It was a great game! On the day the best team won! Like Shauna said there is always next year!


    Well lahhds
    Yeah the match was disappointing, but the atmosphere after the minors won could be felt in the crowd (the lads behind me are fair funny)
    How’s school lahhds???????// XD

  4. stbrendans

    its good yeah, your brother is fair funny . Without Edwin and you it’s really quiet.

    How’s school for you?


    hey jamie
    HEY me and edy ain;t loud… are we?????
    ah ye its grand, the new subjetcs are class, school is kinda strict tho, and kinda rough, but sure it aint tthat bad… ahah seamus is funny???? to me e just… ANNOYING!!!!


    oliver well!!!!
    yeah sure amm
    sound so shocked lahd…… :/ thought you knew, well i am, we are on facebook, search AFTERSHOCK into search, we have sumfing likke 63 likes, its a four piece metal band haha… how did ya know

  7. Niamh and Grace

    Well laaaaaaaaaaaaaadhs!!!! this is called the road to croker not the road to AFTERSHOCK! Us girls won our first football match last week have one today!! Must go and get ready!!!


    yours faithfully,

    Niamh and Grace



    haha yeh i know, hmm y am i here so often.. guess im like soooo bored…….. well go ye, our girls 1st year lost… :/ our boys footbal matches never started yet. only training, i aint doing it


    oliver:yupp, well there is some conflict withen the band now. some members adding on, some that just cant play, so ye..

    • Oliver Giles

      abit:well how r u in 1st year?????????.i’m in 4th year abit ahead i was top honour in 3rd year hope u have a fun time in school,u probably wont,

  10. Oliver Giles


    hi guys hows school,what you doing at school,how is all the exchange coming over,HEARD THERE IS CONSTRUCTION GOING ON IN WITCH ROOM??????????

    • Hannah

      We are preparing a project on Gairdin an Ghorta for a competition.The exchange is going really well.The
      building is being done in the infants room.

  11. Oliver Giles

    Gairdin an Ghorta good choice :P.Good good.Infants room is it gonna be bigger then Mr.Duggans room??? lol 😛

  12. jodie

    ehemmmm this isnt boy talk it is road to Croker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  13. Niamh

    It is a little bit squoshed bit it is worth it………….. :*

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