School Football Final 2010

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Today is the 28th of September 2010. At lunchtime our football league final was starting. The teams were as following;

Team Sean Team Jamie

Sean Cassin                        Jamie Barron

Liam Barron                        Jake O’Dwyer

Jack McGuirk                       Dima Kenneally

The teams got 10 minutes to warm up before the match commenced at 12.40 pm. About 20 seconds into the game, Jake scored the first goal! It was a very close match for the first half. With the half time score: Sean: 2 goals Jamie: 2 goals and 4 points. The second half was really intense! It was also very exciting! It there was one match in the year so far that kept you sitting on the edge of your seat, it was definitely this one! Every score counted, whether it was just a point or a goal, if a player missed, I’m sure that they would be kicking themselves later on. It was level up until a few minutes to go, with Jake scoring those crucial points in order for him and his team mates to win one night’s free homework! The final sore was Sean: 4 goals and 1 point and Jamie 4 goals and 6 points. As the whistle blew for full time, the reaction of the players was heartbreaking. For the winning team, Dima, Jake and Jamie shouted and jumped up and down with joy! And as for the losing team, Jack, Liam and Sean had to walk that walk of misery, with their heads hung low, some, I’m sure had a tear in their eye. But you can’t blame Jamie’s team for enjoying the feeling of success! All in all, it was a good league, the results being fairly even, with the exception of Jamie, he won every match except for his first match, which he drew to Sean! So I think all the spectators had a very exciting time watching. I certainly did!

By Mairéad Barron 28-9-2010


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