Visit to Norway

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It’s June 2010, I come in to school and we made the draw! My name was pulled out second-last! Oh My God I am going to Norway! I jumped up and down! I was so happy. During the summer holidays I could not stop thinking about it. Even though I had a lot of fun during the holidays I still wanted them to end so I could go! When I came back to school Mr. Duggan told us everything we needed to bring and the flight times.

Monday September 13th 2010

I got up at 6:15 and got ready to leave. I already packed so once I had breakfast and got changed I would be ready to go! After saying bye and Happy Birthday to my Dad, My Mother and I left for the school! We left the school at 7 and got to Dublin at 9. Once we had our food at Dublin we got on our plane at 10:50. The flight was fine and we were in Copenhagen safely. We had some pizza and chips and then went shopping. I bought my mother earrings. We got on our plane to Bergen and when we landed the English pupils were waiting for us! After 2 hours in the coach we got on a ferry and that took 20 minutes. Once we got off, it nearly took an hour to get to our houses. I was staying with Marta and so was Hollie. After a snack we went to bed, we were all staying in the same room so it was really fun!!

Tuesday September 14th 2010

We were up at 7:45 and once we were ready for school Marta’s dad drove us to school. When we got to school we were told what class we were in. We spent most of the day in that class and then we had lunch in the sports hall after that we drove up in to the mountains to see a hydro power station and a glacier, it was soooo cold! We were back at Marta’s house at around 6 and had dinner and then got ready for the gathering in the school that night. It was a great night most of the pupils sang or did a dance and some did a play! It was really fun and there was a lot of nice food!

Wednesday September 15th 2010

Once again we got up a 7:45 and got ready for school. Marta’s dad drove us again. Hollie and I were with the smallest children this time and we had a lot of fun. We had a packed lunch that day. After lunch we went to a different class, that was really really fun! After that we walked down to the one and only shop in Akra. We bought loads of sweets! We also went on a boat trip on Akra Fiord and we were on it for 4 hours in total. We saw loads of waterfalls which were brilliant! We went right up to one of them and we were getting splashed! We also went to an old farm and learnt a lot of history about it. I was very impressed with it all! We also went on a swing that was tied to a tree, it was the best swing I was ever on! We made pizza that night which was really fun! The one sad thing was packing but at the same time we had a lot of fun!

Thursday September 16th 2010

We all got up at 6:45 and quickly got ready and went to school. After a half a hour drive we got on to a ferry. After that we got on another! Then we got on a bus that drove us to the airport in Bergen. It was fairly busy at the airport, but once we had our 2 planes over and done with we were back at the school, at around 8:30 or 8:45! I really enjoyed Norway and was very impressed with everything! I could not wait to see my parents!

Well that was my trip to Norway, I hope you liked it!!

Niamh Dunphy



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4 responses to “Visit to Norway

  1. Katelynn Walsh!

    Looks like ye had a good time!
    Would have loved to gone! xx

  2. Grace

    Hi Katelynn, it was really fun! The Norweigians live such a different lifestyle to us! I would love to go on a holiday to Norway some time. The people I stayed with were really nice. We saw the fjords and this masive waterfall. We also got to go to the shop in Akra.

  3. Hollie

    Hi just want to say thank you to Miss Fennelly , Mrs Dunphy and Mr.Duggan for all the effort ye put into the Football Team this year, we wouldn’t have got anywhere with out ye !!!

    Sorry I didn’t pull through in the end 😦 😦 😦

    • Mr. Duggan

      Thanks for your comment. You have nothing to be sorry about. It was a pleasure to be involved with this panel of players throughout the league. You all gave it your best shot today but it just didn’t happen for us. We are all disappointed but that is sport. We must take the good days with the bad ones and we had far more good days than bad ones during this league. When you look back on this competition in time you will all have great memories of the whole thing. Well done to all the players. We went down fighting and I am very proud of you all.
      Mr. Duggan

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