The building has begun.


The building of the new classroom has begun. The prefab was knocked during the midterm break. At the moment the foundations are being dug out and some bricks have been laid. The builders are making good progress and the weather (so far) has been on their side. Now, Mrs. Carroll’s room and Mr. Duggan’s room are sharing what used to be  Mr. Duggan’s classroom with the partition pulled across. It will take approximately 16 to 20 weeks to build the new classroom. There are some disadvantages though, some of our yard is taken up by machinery, and we (the pupils) have no access to the P.E. shed, the green house, or if it starts to rain there’s  no shelter. We also have way less space in the class room, we all have to share a table, share the hall with Mrs. Brennan’s room and we no longer have the white board.

It is a little bit of a squeeze but it will be worth it in the end!!

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