School Closed due to Icy Conditions

School was closed today following the advice from the local gardaí and Kilkenny Co. Council. As the bad weather continues and the roads and school grounds are particularly dangerous, we will remain closed again tomorrow Tuesday 30th Nov. We would welcome any comments from pupils, past or present, or parents, on how you are enjoying this unexpected break.

Update : Tuesday Nov 30th

As the roads are still very dangerous we will remain closed again tomorrow Wed 1st Dec. We will review the situation on a daily basis.

Update Wed. Dec. 1st

As the weather continues to deteriorate we will remain closed again tomorrow Thursday 2nd Dec.

Update Thurs. Dec 2:

Due to the continued icy conditions school will be closed again tomorrow Fri. Dec 3rd .

Update Sun Dec.5th 17.05

For those who can safely get here school will reopen tomorrow Mon. Great care is needed on the roads and especially around the school. Bus will try to collect all pupils.

Feeling bored?

Here are some links to good educational websites with Christmas content: A  great site for younger children contains links to many educational website with loads of activities also contains many useful links to Christmas websites

Find out about Christmas all around the world on this Virtual Christmas Field Trip: another great selection of interesting activities excellent website from an English school with interactive Advent calendar.

T. Duggan



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14 responses to “School Closed due to Icy Conditions

  1. Jodie Giles

    inaway i want to go back to school because i am so bored 😛

  2. Shauna

    How could u be bored when its snowing!?! 😀

  3. Niamh

    I know!! I LOVE the snow!! 😛

  4. Jodie Giles

    Is it gonna be closed on Monday???????

  5. stbrendans

    Yes Jodie, you will be glad to hear that school will reopen tomorrow.!
    Mr. Duggan

  6. Jodie Giles

    noooooooo im not!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  7. Kiah Dwyer

    me neither even though i’ve been out for 2 weeks :p

  8. Hello alll im in England now -8 12 inches going to OLMPIA cant wait ‘OLMPIA HORSE SHOW’ Niamh and Maíread might know about it then on Tuesday we are going to War Horse which is about a horse and the story is very sad!!! on Wesnday we are going tto Winter Wonder Land which is a pheme park and a ice rink which is as big as the pitch and the playground its very very big!!!!!! I will be coming back home from skiing arpund 7th Janury!!!!! so hope you all have a great great time and what movie!!!!!! are you watching????? bye bye have a great time!!!

  9. jody dwyer

    well how are ye all? some big snowball fights in kierans bye

  10. Jodie Giles

    haha i just bought a IPad yeeeehhaaaaawwww!!!!

  11. Grace

    hi Jodie, there is no snow down in Kilkenny but there is some up north. You’re so lucky you get to miss school and go to a Horse Show.

  12. KiErAn =)

    🙂 no school for like 3 weeks when the snow was around!! green schools looking good, and read magizine, tiz cool 🙂

  13. Shauna

    It was snowing like crazy in Kilkenny town today!
    Are we going to change the editors for the magazine for every issue??

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