New Year’s Resolutions.


A New Year’s Resolution is a statement of intent describing some aspect of our lives which we intend to change during the year. Here are resolutions made by 5th & 6th class:

I resolve to get more active and involved in sports in 2011.  Grace.

I want to eat more healthily and get more involved.  Hollie.

I would like to be able to jump 90cms high on my pony.   Niamh

My New Year’s Resolution is to be able to jump 1 metre on my pony. Mairéad 

My New Year’s Resolution is to save 1000 euros. Kieran

I want to sell all of my cockerels because they are killing each other. Jamie

I want to hang out with my friends more.  Jodie

I want to practice camogie more with my father. Kiah

I want to help my family more often. Edwina.

I want to eat less sweets on weekends. Tia

I want to eat less sweets and get fitter. Hannah

I want to get a longer concentration span. Fionn

Have you made any new year’s resolutions?


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53 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Shauna

    Hello. How is school? Did you learn any new songs on the recorder?

  2. Grace

    Hiya Shauna, School is the exact same (boring) and we haven’t learnt any new songs yet. What’s it like in New Zealand? I say its really warm anyway! 🙂

  3. Kiah

    Hey Shauna I really miss you. School is so quiet (for me). Hope your having lots of fun. See you in 4 weeks!!!:)

  4. Shauna

    New Zealand is cool but the weather is a bit cloudy and not really that warm at the minute. The weather is expected to get warmer from tomorrow. We went to the opening ceremony of the ipc athletics world championships yesterday. There are 70 teams competing and about 1000 athletes. There are 8 athletes on the Irish team. Talk to ye soon..x

  5. Shauna

    Oh sorry I forgot to ask you did u get approved for the green flag? 😀

  6. Kiah

    Well she said if she was on the committe that gave people green flags she said she would!!!!!!! Now we just have to wait!!!!!!!!:D

  7. Shauna

    yay! I hope we do get it!! Did anyone get a reply to theyre letter?

    bye xx

  8. Kiah

    no not yet. But today is Michelles Feis cant wait!!!! Hows Newzeland its probably really really warm!! theres lots of fog over here and its really damp and cold . Talk to ye later!!!!

  9. Kiah

    well Shauna today i got 2nd in hornpipe 3rd in NCH 5th in confined reel and 6th in cup comp. Big enough crowd but i wouldn’t say as big as last year. Going back in later to see all the older girls . Hope your having lots of fun !!!!

    see ya !!!!!!!!!

  10. Shauna

    Well done kiah! The weather is getting kinda warmer here. I sent you a postcard but it probobley wont be there for a couple of days.

    see ya ..:p

  11. Kiah

    i forgot to tell you i made a mess of my reel and slip jig:( we had gaelic training after school today (boy was it tough) Semi final is on Wednesday can’t wait!!!!! You will be a big loss!!!! Older girls were unreal at the feis. Scoil Rince were the only school that did the teachers convention( there were about 50 groups) i nearly no it off by heart!!!!!

    talk ta ye tomorrow 😛

  12. Shauna

    Ah well atleast u got your other medals. Best of luck in semis! UP THE SHOCKS! BBBYYYYEEEEE…..

  13. Shauna

    Weather has been quite warm for the last two days. Yesterday we went to a wildlife park. We bought tickets to go see a tiger being fed, he was in the cage and we were about 2 feet away from him! Yesterday we also felt an after shake from the earthquake. It only lasted about 3 seconds tho!

    see ya!

  14. Kiah

    ell! guess what, we won the semi-final!!!!!!!!!!! Oh ye tell Ray i said well done. he made the front cover of the sports section in the Kilkenny People!!!!!!! He came 12 that must be brilliant. Well done Ray!!!!!!!

    See ya:P

  15. Shauna

    YES!!!! Well done lahds.! Ye ill tell him. He has another competition today.
    Who did ye win against?
    Bye 🙂

  16. Kiah

    we bet Urlingford!!!!! we’re either playing blacks and whites or Owning!!!!! how did Ray do in his other competition


  17. Shauna

    He came 11th in the javelin. Best of luck in the final. When is it?

  18. Niamh

    Hey Shauna!!!

    Tell him we all said well done!! We are playing Owning/Templeorum on the 12th of February in Nowlan Park. We are learning a new song on the recorder called Mo Ghile Mear. It is not too hard. What’s the weather like in New Zealand? xx :p

  19. Shauna

    Aww ye are all soooo lucky. I would definetley fly home if i could! I will be back on the 15th so ill only miss it 😦 I really feel bad missing it! Tell all the team i wish them the very best of luck and i know ye can win it!! The weather here is really nice yesterday it got up to 30 degrees. Talk later 🙂

  20. Kiah

    well whats new!!! Tell Ray i said well done. Your probably having lots of fun in the warm weather.See ya later.

  21. Shauna

    ye the weather is really warm now 35 degrees. We arrived here in Brisbane yesterday. We hired a camper van its really cool. Heading down south on the Gold Coast now. Having a great time. Tell everyone i said hi! 🙂

  22. Kiah

    Your so lucky that its 35 degrees. Hows Brisbane is it flooded:( Hope not. Darraghs wondering how Jake is. Ill tell everyone you said hi.:P

  23. Shauna

    Well we are not in Brisbane anymore we are on the gold coast. But no Brisbane is not flooded. We are going to theme parks today Dream World and White Water World. I cant wait! Jake says hi to Darragh. Once again I really really really really hope ye win the final! I know ye can. Talk soon

  24. Kiah

    e’ll Shauna yesterday we played Thomastown (rionn A) and we drew with them. On Monday we will be playing Windgap instead of training. Hope ye have fun at the theme parks.
    see ya later:]

  25. Shauna

    Well done girls. Cool I hope ye beat windgap! The theme parks were AMAZING! I went a rollarcoaster with Rachael called cyclone. It had two loops! I was like the only small person on it so my head was bangin off the safety bars that go on your sholuders! ( OWW!) Whats the weather like now at home? cya..x

  26. Mr. Duggan

    Shauna, thanks a million for all your comments and for keeping in touch . It is so interesting to hear what you are doing. Keep them coming.
    As for you lot in Newmarket, I hope you are working hard!!!
    Girls Well done on Wed. but don’t get carried away!! it was only a challenge.
    ‘See you all on Monday 😉

    • Edwina

      Mr.Duggan:We have been working very hard over the last few days. We are doing art now. I think we were a bit lucky that we drew with Thomastown.
      Shauna: The weather is about average. Your so lucky, a waterpark and its 35 degrees!!!
      talk to ya soon,

    • tiaHollie Moore

      Hello. We have been woking extra hard *ahem*. We are doing art now we are drawing stuff to do with Chinese new year! Get well soon and cya on Monday! 🙂

  27. Grace

    i said the last comment came up wrong

  28. Tia

    i said that last thing

  29. Kieran Neville

    Hello we are working very very very hard.Happy Chinese New Year. Get well soon hopefully this weekend.

  30. Kiah

    Hi Mr D
    Are you sure you’re all right to come back on Monday? (Please say no). Mr Conway was really nice *ahem* and we got loads of work done *ahem*.
    get well soon ( cause we need you for the final)

  31. Kiah

    ell shauna that sounds really scary 😦 hope your having lots of fun!!!!

    Talk ta ya later:)

  32. Mr. Duggan

    Hi Kiah,
    Ha, ha, sorry to say that I’ll be right as rain on Monday 😀
    Well isn’t technology wonderful? Today I’ve communicated with the staff by text, with the pupils in the blog, with the site foreman by mobile phone, with the architect and the Hartshead school principal by email, all from the comfort of my mobile office (my laptop).
    Maybe I’ll just stay at home and run the school from here.
    What do you think? 😀

  33. jody

    well everyone just goin to say best of luck to the girls and wish ye all well

  34. kiah

    Well maybe you could just stay home and we would have Mr Conway.

  35. jake

    Hi how are you going anything new happen will we were gone.

  36. Kiah

    Hi Shauna
    Guess what WE GOT A LETTER FROM MICHAEL FLATELY!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have it in my hand right now.
    i cant belive it:)
    See ya!!!

  37. Darragh

    Hi Jake
    Nothing new happened while you were gone.

  38. jody

    well mr duggan just came to wonder how the boys are getting on in the school football/hurling this year. how is every one getting on sure ill be talking to ye later on? Any craic goin on not getting much time on the blog with the mountain of homework on the desktop in me room. We didnt start any matches yet ( 1st year team) the under 14 and a halfs won most of the matches the same with the footballers. i only made the first year team talk to ye all soon maybe g’luck

  39. Shauna

    Are you serious???? Are u joking?? Oh my god! What did he say?

  40. jody

    Ok it says
    Dear Shauna O Dwyer and Kiah Dwyer
    Thank you for yor letters which have arrived at almost the same time.It was really good of you to take the time o write to Michael Flatley.He is delighted that you got to see him dance in the O2.He said to keep up the dancing and youd never know- maby you cold get the chance to be in Lord of the dance when your older.Mr Flatley will be travelling for a lot of the year but if it is at all possible that he can come to Kilkenny,I’ll be back in touch.In the meantime best of luck in the dancing and your studies.
    Kind regards
    Vivienne O Grady
    Private Secratary to Michael Flatley

  41. Kiah

    I forgot to change the name so its from Kiah ok.

  42. Shauna

    OMG!! I CANT BELIEVE IT! That is soo cool!! 😀 Are we the only ones that got a reply? Best of luck in the final!! Yer gonna win! Make sure to tell me straight after the match! We have like 4 days left! 😦 Im kinda happy tho cause i kinda miss everyything! I actually think i forget what u look like! 😛

  43. Kiah

    ell, Seán got a reply to but Bono said he couldn’t come. Really you forget what i look like, some friend you are, *cry cry*.See ya in 4 days.

    smell ya later:)

  44. Kiah

    Hi again
    Just reading newspaper and Ray got 11th IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!:] that is brillant. ye must be delighted for him.
    smell ya later: )

  45. Kiah

    ell Shauna what day will you be coming into school on. Cant wait for you to come back.
    See ya whenever: )

  46. Kiah + Hollie

    ell Shauna
    we didn’t win the final:( but we still got medals. We lost by a point. we have a medal for you.
    talk ta ya later.

  47. Hollie

    Hi Shauna, we are going to get the Green flag !!! i am not sure when we are getting it , but i hope some time soon !!!!

  48. Shauna

    Oh. Well at least we got to the final! Well done to ye! Oh yay a green flag!!
    See ye in a little few days!

  49. Shauna

    I will be back tomorrow too tired today! talk tomorrow

  50. Shauna

    Haha look at da mount of comments from us!!!!!!!!

  51. Jodie Giles

    i know right !

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