Under the Hawthorn Tree Book Review

Setting: The story took place in Ireland during the famine.

List the main characters: 1. Eily  2. Michael  3. Peggy 4. Mother

Describe your favourite Character: My favourite character is Peggy. The reason Peggy is my favourite character is because she is very cheeky and bold. She is a very interesting character and also very funny!!!

The plot:The children are trying to find their aunts Nano and Lena in Castletaggart because they don’t want to go to the workhouse. Their mother is gone searching for their father.

The climax:The children are starving. Peggy has the fever. It is still a couple days to Castletaggart. WILL THEY SURVIVE???

Four  words to describe this book: 1.interesting 2.funny 3. exciting  4. sad .

I liked the book a lot because it is really interesting and funny but sad at the same time  and I would rate it 9 out of 10.


5th class


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  1. this is brilliant work and this chid has a creative mind well done and this really helped me on my research for english class thank you

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