Twitter Treasure Hunt and Digital Art

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Last Thursday and Friday we took part in a treasure hunt via Twitter. A man called Leo the V (V stands for Vole) gave us clues so we had to find the answer. In all there were 12 clues and we had to find the answer. He made it a little easy by giving us links to a website that told us the answer. When we had all the clues answered we printed off jigsaw pieces, all 12 of them. The big question was ‘Name this Picture by Henri Rousseau’ . The answer to the big question was “A tiger in a tropical storm” It made perfect sense as the picture was exactly that, a tiger in a tropical storm! We also learned some new things about art like “Jack B. Yeats is the brother of the famous poet W.B. Yeats”, “Vincent Van Gough painted “Starry Night” and “The picture” The Scream” was stolen from a museum in Oslo many times!” To tie in with the hunt we also did digital art, everyone in 5th and 6th made a picture using paint and we uploaded our pictures onto Flickr so everyone can see them. They varied from different things like the earth from space to a flower!  I really enjoyed doing both the hunt and the digital art.

Grace 6th class


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