French Comix

In our school 5th and 6th class learn French every Monday and Wednesday. Yesterday we made cartoons on a website called Make Beliefs Comix. Here are some, we hope you like them


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4 responses to “French Comix

  1. Anne-Marie Barron

    Hi guys,

    i take it your french is going very well, The comics are lovely

    How long till the new classroom is finished??


    • Mr. Duggan

      Hi Anne-Marie,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes the French is going extremely well and the new classroom is now ready so infants and 1st class will move in on Tuesday 3rd May. it’s been a long wait but it was worth it.
      Mr. Duggan

  2. Kieran Purcell

    The lads must be good at French xD me 2 years at it, stil havent a cluee how to do it xD good work lads, keep it up xD 😛

    I hOPE mr.duggan is treating yee well???? hmm i can guess the answer to thatt 😉 😉

  3. Buket

    Hi from Yalova,Turkey dear Duggan and other authorized staff of St Brendan’s..I found your web address from e twinning.I’m interested in sth. about Ireland..For ex. Irish music,Irish movies, Irish education, in brief Irish culture..Also I want to make known to you about Turkish culture.I have a project about this.It name is time tunnel..I want to be bilateral school partnership with Ireland and access a school that excited about it.But I haven’t any experience about commenius profect.Can u help me about this and find a partner from Ireland?By the way I’m Buket GÜN.You can e mail to me at I like your school..I send you a lot of love from Turkey.Your sincerely…

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