A visit from an artist.

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Yesterday we had a visit from Amelia Peart. Amelia is a pro…artist. After spending the day with her, you can tell that she is good at and loves what she does.

She came into the classroom at twenty past nine. She had loads of supplies with her. She told us that today; we would be doing dried point, Intaglio style. I hadn’t a clue what she meant or how to do it. I don’t think I was the only either! First she showed us some dried points she had previously made and told us how to do the images we were about to make. At ten to ten, we started to get to work. The picture had to be about the Comenius visits’.  I’m not good at art, so I found it very difficult to do the whole thing. First we drew our picture onto paper, like a rough sketch. Next we drew what we had drawn on the paper on to a rectangle of aluminium. Finally we had to use a scriber to go over the lines so when we used the ink it would go in between the lines. It depended how hard you scribed  as the harder you scribed the darker the ink would come out. My picture wasn’t good to be honest, but it was only the first print so hopefully it will be better the next time. Amelia will be coming bac next Tuesday and I cant wait!


6th class



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4 responses to “A visit from an artist.

  1. Sadhbh Otoole

    I LOVE art its soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! i wish i woz dere when u did it.

  2. haha i love art to but u have next time 😉

  3. Catherine Cassin

    I love art too your so lucky!! 😦

  4. Yeh guess what ? .

    FUNKY KIDS NEXT YR !!! ._. 😀

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