Norway, England, Ireland

All from Newmarket would like to thank Norway and England for taking part in the Comenius project with us.

We hope that you enjoy the last visit in the Comenius project. Everybody who went to England and Norway said that they really enjoyed it. So we hope that you enjoy Ireland. Even though it’s the last visit I hope that we can still stay in touch!!

I’ve enjoyed all the visits and I’m sure everybody else has as well. I hope you like your visit to Ireland. I know I enjoyed my visit to England. I just hope that you love every bit of your visit!!!
Kiah Dwyer
5th class.

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10 responses to “Norway, England, Ireland

  1. conor aylward

    wel everybody,
    hws d skul goin?

  2. Grand how’s your secondary school life treating you ? 😛

  3. jody

    well how r ye all

  4. Im going to miss this project ;(

  5. Catherine Cassin

    Same its been so much fun with them and the bouncy castles were so fun !! Im gonna miss the commenius project alot!!!! 😦

  6. Hopefully we could do it next yr 🙂

  7. Shauna O'Dwyer

    I can’t believe these trips are over. All the memories. But atleast we can stay in touch with the pupils!

  8. Sadhbh Otoole

    aww….. i REALLY wanted to go to england or norway. im going to miss the project.

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