A special trip to the Gairdín.

Yesterday 6th class went down to Gairdín an Ghorta. We were going down to interview ex pupils of Newmarket N.S. We were down for the weekly gathering of the old folks in the Gairdín. We left the school at ten to two and were at the Gairdín for two. Some of the elders were asking who our parents and grand-parents were, so they would know who we are.  Just a little on the group. It was formed in March 2009, because they thought it would be a good idea to have a gathering for the elders, not to leave them on their own or anything like that. It started of with 23 members and now has in the region of 45. I think (and I know I am not alone when I say this) that the group is a major success and is held in a prime location. I think they gather every Tuesday in the Gairdín for a couple of hours. The gathering started at about quarter past two. We started with a prayer and then we got right down to business. We all introduced ourselves and sat back down. The first question asked was “What was your best memory of school?”. The five people we were interviewing were Mary Carroll, Bill Gorey, Mrs. Brophy, Danny Hearne and we cannot forget Teddy McBride. All of these  are past pupils in Newmarket N.S. Some of them had even gone to the old school built beside the church. Their answers for the first question all varied. Mary said that all her memories were good as did Danny and Bill, but Teddy, he had a totally different view. He said that he hated school and had no good memories.  Their school life was very different to ours. They had to walk to school, church and many other places, with the distances up to four or five miles. It was really funny and interesting listening to their stories, especially Teddy.  The next question asked was “What did your normal dinners consist of?” We strayed away from the question a small bit but we still got an answer. As we were a little late starting, we didn’t have enough time to ask all the questions. We were asked to play two songs on the recorder, which we did. We played Ode to Joy and The Magnificat. The rest of us got to ask one question which they gave a quick reply to. Before we left Ann Brennan sang a song for us, which was really good. Before we left we got a chocolate bar (which tasted delicious) and then we walked back to school. We weren’t back until ten past three, but I didn’t mind. I wish we could have stayed at the gathering for way longer and I really want to go down again some time in the future.

By Grace Aylward

6th class


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