The Hurling League Final!

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On the 15th of  September was a very special day for some people. Each year we have two or three hurling leagues. Jake’s and John’s team were playing in the league final today. First they warmed up and took some pictures. Then it was game on. I  was the scorekeeper. Jake O’Dwyer opened the scoring with a goal. Thankfully it was not a rough match and no one was injured. Sean Cassin was commentating for the first half. At half time the score was 3 goals and 1 point for  Jake and 3 goals to John . Jake opened the scoring once again with a good point. Then Liam Barron scored a great goal. Kiah was commentating . She did a great job ( well compared to Sean’s it was brilliant job). When Mr. Duggan blew the whistle Jake’s team leaped into the air. They played an outstanding game and won by just a point. John’s team also had a marvelous game but unfortunately for him Jake’s team played  better on the day. Jake received a mini trophy and free homework. Well done to both the teams.

Edwina 6th class



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5 responses to “The Hurling League Final!

  1. conor aylward

    i never won that league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kiah Dwyer

    loser! I won the football final :-p

  3. conor aylward

    i dont care

  4. Kieran Purcell

    i won it 😛

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