Hallelujah Concert 2011


When I heard about the Hallelujah Concerts I was really excited and nervous because I thought that we were going to be the only school at the RDS. But there were loads of schools there. We had loads of fun rehearsing. We started rehearsing near the end of September. The date of the show was the 10th of December. At the end of October we started ordering our t-shirts and tickets. I brought my torch and Santa hat to the Hallelujah Concerts. When the day came I was really excited. We hired a really cool bus. It had a television. We watched Toy Story 3 on the way up to Dublin and we went to Mc Donald’s. There was a playground there and I went in there of course. When we got to the RDS we were in a really big line. When we got in there we saw shops and loads of other schools. There were 3000 children in the choir. When we got into our seats we started to rehearse. Our conductor was really moody. But we had a great day. When it was over I was really upset. But it was the best day ever. On the way back we were playing Mario Kart. Bobby was the best at it. I had a great day and my parents and Aunties did as well. It was a day that I will treasure forever.

Hannah 4th class

The End



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6 responses to “Hallelujah Concert 2011

  1. Kiah Dwyer

    OMG that was soooo soooooo soooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-]

  2. sadhbh otoole

    yeah it was!! ;D

  3. Catherine Cassin

    Man Tht Was Fun 😀

  4. Hannah

    That was so class.Enjoyed every second of it

  5. sadhbh otoole

    yeah!!!!! same here 😀

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