Confirmation 2012

On Saturday 28th of January, the pupils of Stoneyford
Newmarket and Monroe Schools made their Confirmation.
Everyone was very excited and there was a lot of preparation for the mass, including singing, serving and talking.At the beginning of our Confirmation mass some of the pupils brought seven gifts to the altar to represent the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. During the mass we sang lots of hymns including This Is The Day and Today and From Now On. Hannah was brilliant at singing On Eagles Wings and our recorder players did great at Ubi Caritas. A few babies were crying during the mass but the Bishop took it very well, cracking a few jokes. There was a mixture of parents, pupils, teachers and sponsors doing the prayers of the faithful and readings. The mass was an hour and twenty minutes long but it felt like a lot less. We met the Bishop
and went up one by one to be anointed with the oil of chrism. After the mass we took a group photo that can be seen on the blog. Most of us got a photograph with our families and the Bishop after mass. We all went and had little celebrations of our own. It was a nice day.



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4 responses to “Confirmation 2012

  1. Looking good on your confirmation guys,,,,,,,,well done. Now all you have to do is concentrate on your singing and dancing for FunkyKids. By the way you can invest some of your confirmation money in the “FunkyKids Retirment beach house fund in the bahamas”. We will tell you all about it next week. Well done all,,,,,Denis and Olivia

  2. stbrendans

    Dear Dennis and Olivia, I’m afraid all our houses got burned down and our money was destroyed. And don’t try looking because I know where you live. You can have some leftover brownies though. 😀

  3. Kiah Dwyer

    did ya see the state of me ohhhhhhhh godd i look sooooo soo soooooo weird.And just to let ya know our houses didnt get burned down…………. or did they!!!!!!:D

  4. Liam barron

    i like replying

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