Funky Kids

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Funky Kids has been so much fun! We did one show in 2010 and we had a great time so we can’t wait to have our second show. In funky Kids this year we have to be scary…while the others have to act sweet and cute. We are having so much fun with Denis and Olivia. So far we have finished our t-shirts and our backdrop. Our tshirts are designed with bones and we highlighted the bones to make a cool effect with the lights.Our backdrops are cool too! Ms.Carrol’s room have a cute teddy holding a rattle and its so cute! But some people say the eyes and nose are creepy. Ms.Dunphy’s room have a ghost popping out of a pumpkin and it looks really cool! Our backdrop is quite cool too. We painted a face (not a lot of us know what it is)and we traced our hands and painted them so that it looks like we’re trying to grab him.It was so much fun! Denis and Olivia come every Tuesday to practice our songs and make our t-shirts and so on. They also play fun games with us too! My favourite is winking murder. Our shows are on the 20th and the 21st of March and we are really looking forward to them! And that’s what we do in Funky Kids. I hope you can come to our show!
Catherine 4th class


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14 responses to “Funky Kids

  1. Catherine Cassin

    No one commented :(.But at least Im the first person to commet :D!!

  2. sadhbh otoole

    funky kids is really fun!!! cant wait for the shows!! im going to miss funky kids
    when its over 😦

  3. Catherine Cassin

    same ;(

  4. Catherine Cassin

    Oh well the shows not on for like 4 weeks? so we have plenty of time to enjoy funky kids :]

  5. Catherine Cassin

    Hello Sadhbh…:D

  6. Hannah

    I love funky kids.We all have a blast.

  7. Catherine Cassin

    Wow Hannah u get up early! 8.06 am!

  8. Niamh Dunphy

    Hi guys..!!! Look like ye’ve being having lots of fun throughout the year! Can’t wait for the funky kids show..I’m totes going 😉 <——ye'll have a good laugh at 'totes'!! Do ye still keep in touch with the English & Norwegians?

    Anywho better be off..
    Niamh x

  9. Denis Staunton

    WARNING: and ye better make sure that ye all put on a splendid performance for the shows or there will be trouble brewing.

    Denis and Olivia

  10. Catherine Cassin

    We’ll try our best Denis And Olivia!! Please dont hurt us!!

  11. Catherine Cassin

    Ha Ha Niamh Totes! 😉


  13. Liam barron

    the shows were cool

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