World Book Day 2012

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Today was World Book Day and we dressed up as our favourite book characters. It was great fun. Can you identify any well known fictional characters here?


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14 responses to “World Book Day 2012

  1. Catherine Cassin

    These pictures are cool I love the smurfs! 🙂

  2. Hannah Mcguirk

    me to there great and John’s was great to and funny:)

  3. nice everyone looking good!

  4. Catherine Cassin

    Hannah you posted your comment exactly an hour after me! I posted mine at 7.23 you posted your’s at 8.23 WOW! 😀

  5. Catherine Cassin

    I know right 😀

  6. kieran neville

    whos the beak man /blanket man ?????????

  7. jamie

    kieran the “the beak man/blanket man” is your best friends cousin, John Cassin

  8. Liam barron

    i look awesome

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