The Funky Kids Show 2012!

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Funky Kids Concert 2012 from Tom Duggan on Vimeo.

Oh dear, the ten weeks are up already! It all began in the year 2010, Obama was still the US president, there was still a global recession (again nothing different.) and everyone was wishing it was the 90s again (yet again it’s still the same as now.) However, I was in 4th class that year acting like a mindless idiot (I’ve come a long way since then.) We were doing a show called “The Funky Kids Show” with the wonderful Denis and Olivia. We all had a great time and were sad when it was over, but Denis said in a big loud Austrian accent “I’ll be back!” Flash forward to 2012. Obama’s still in the White House, there’s still a recession and everyone still wishes it was 1999! I had forgotten all about Denis and Olivia’s promise until Mr. Duggan proclaimed “Oh and by the way, The Funky Kids are coming back.” Our reaction went something like this “OOOOH LIVIN ON A PRAYER!!!” On the first day they arrived with warm welcomes (but no chocolate.) This year I was familiar with all the songs (unlike the year before.) The songs included Monster Mash, (which was a graveyard smash) Thriller (which was so good we woke the dead) Two songs from The Sound of Music (which brought the hills to life,) and All the Small Things. We practiced for ten weeks, making costumes and sets along the way. (You will see a montage of it when the movie on my life comes out.) Finally the big night came. We were all set and ready to go. Olivia and some of the girls from last years 6th class did our make up. We looked like a cross between Bloody Mary and that Stupid Death’s Guy from Horrible Histories. Oh well it could have been worse, Mrs Dunphy’s class looked like Oompa-loompas. Edwina and I decided I would pose for Thriller the first night and she the second, which wasn’t such a good idea because the video was being shot the second night. Oh well, she was good too. (But I was better, just don’t tell her I said that!) We sang beautifully. The other rooms were good as well. The Grease songs got stuck in my head, as did Ghostbusters and Bob the Builder and let’s not forget the song about The Poor King. We took the house down with our finale, for that we sang So Long, Farewell from the Sound of Music and All The Small Things by Blinks 108. The actual show ended with me coming out on stage and saying “that’s all folks” like Porky Pig, but the best was yet to come, well for me anyway. Denis and Olivia handed out our certificates and gave me a special mention! They thanked me for making them smile throughout the whole course. So Jamie and I sang the Fr. Quinn song from Mrs. Brown, I thanked Denis and Olivia and went home. Overall, the show was much better than last year, I loved working with Denis and Olivia and I hope to be at the 2014 show (If the world is still there that is!) So one last time, I’d like to say “The- tha- th- thaa-Thaaats all folks!
Fionn 6th class



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7 responses to “The Funky Kids Show 2012!

  1. Kieran & SeamusPurcell

    Well Lads 🙂
    Looks brilliant lads well done 🙂
    Remember doin that meself :’) twas brilliant 😀
    Pity Seamus culdnt be there for it 😛
    Hope yer all keepin well, and mr.duggans takin good care of yee 🙂

    Take Caree Lads

  2. Denis Staunton

    Ye look fantastic guy’s. We will miss ye all it was great to spend Tuesday’s in Newmarket N.S….See ye all very soon. Denis and Olivia The FunkyKids xxx

  3. djcathy

    That was sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun!! And it was a great night for me because I got to see Mr.Duggan and my Dad dancing on stage to Bob the Builder making a fool of themselves! And I won an Easter egg! It was great fun 😀

  4. djcathy

    Good Days 😀

  5. Kiah Dwyer

    OMG dat waz soooo funny:-)
    catherine ur father was a legend in bob da builder;-)


  6. Letitia Brennan

    Funky Kids was a fantastic show. Well done to you all. x Can’t wait for the next show. Letitia Brennan. 🙂

  7. the funky kids show was the best night of my life and all the tuesdays were the best days of my life cant belive there gone miss yeah sooooo much so sad to see yeah goxxxx

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