Carrickshock Camogie Roinn C Quarter Finals!

The venue: Hugginstown pitch
Time match commenced: 1:30 p.m
The teams: Carrickshock vs. Ballyragget
The winners: Ballyragget 😦

It was a warm, sunny, Wednesday. Kiah, Shauna , Tia and I all got to leave school at 12:50. But of course, Mr.Duggan wouldn’t leave us go without any homework. So I had to do the analysis of the match.
We had 18 on the squad that day, so we had six subs. I was playing corner forward. Not long after the whistle was blown, Margaret scored a goal, followed by a point from Samira. A few moments passed, and Ballyragget got a goal, two points, and another goal. At half time the score was two goals and two points to Ballyragget, 1 goal and 1 point to Carrickshock. The team stayed as it was (except for Shauna going out of goal and Orla going in). After around five minutes, Tia, Amy, Eabha, Caitlin Muireann and I were taken off so the 4th class people could come on. Around half way through, Orla and Kiah swapped places. The final score was Ballyragget: 3.2 Carrickshock: 1.2. Unfortunately Ballyragget won and will go into the semi finals. We on the other hand have been knocked out and will not get to play another match. Today was the last match I got to play for the schools’ camogie league. I had a great year, although it was very short. 🙂
Edwina 6th class


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2 responses to “Carrickshock Camogie Roinn C Quarter Finals!

  1. Elizabeth "Lib" Cassin

    What a wonderfully exciting game, and the “Commentator” has immense talent for Sports Reporting.

  2. Liam barron

    hard luck x

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