School Tour Kilkenny 2012

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On Friday, Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st class went on a tour to Kilkenny. We went to The Watershed, and to the Castle Park Playground. As you can see from these photos we had a great time.



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19 responses to “School Tour Kilkenny 2012

  1. Kiah Dwyer

    OMG!!!!! dat luks lyk better craic than our 1!!!!!:)

  2. jamie barron

    catherine how is there a panda next to your name?! Tell me i want a penguin!!

  3. jamie barron

    yea so magic you made your comment appear twice!! you should go to hogwarts…..

  4. Kiah Dwyer

    wel lawds wats d craic!!!!!!!! hws life?? wats school lyk??:p

  5. Liam barron

    yeah thats soooooooooooooooo annoying

  6. sadhbh otoole

    same as always.YAWN!!! 😛 hows life in Prez?? do u get piles o homework??well seeya…….

  7. sadhbh otoole

    soz talkin 2 kiah (just so u no)………….

  8. sadhbh otoole

    oh look!!! i guess im magic 2!!! 😛

  9. Jake O Dwyer

    Sadhbh is that a kitten in a frog mask?

  10. Edwinaa!

    st. kierans college looks like hogwarts but its only for boys 😦

  11. jamie barron

    seriously how do you get those pictures?! ha

  12. Hannah Mcguirk

    urs is class edwinaa!!!!

  13. Kiah Dwyer

    heyy Sadhbh:) ahhmm no we dont reli get dat much homework…… its managable!!!!!!:p
    and i actually reli lyk prez!!!!!
    have fun
    talk ta ya;)

  14. jamie barron

    like what nel and catherine said
    kiah quit your jibba jabba how do you expect every to understand text talk? ha

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