Ray O’ Dwyer

Ray O’Dwyer is 22 years old. He is in the Paralympic games in London.His sports are Shot Putt, Discus and Javelin. He is a past pupil of our school.We are all very proud of him. We hope he brings back a medal but if he doesn’t we don’t mind because he is making us proud just being there. His first event is on 1st of Sept. at 7pm. his second event is 4th of Sept at 7pm and his last event is on the 7th of Sept at 7 pm.The first event is Javelin then Shot Putt and finally Discus .We all hope he does really well and we are all behind him.
Liam 5th class



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11 responses to “Ray O’ Dwyer

  1. we are all very proud of u ray wish u the best of luck from leah 🙂

  2. jamie barron

    YEAH GO RAY!! anyways hello hello hello, miss me much mr.duggan? yeah i thought so..I think ye should post something about the new infants with pictures and names.
    from the one..the only..

    • stbrendans

      Hi Jamie,
      Thanks for your comments. We will post a photo of the infants here.How is life in Scoil Aireagail?
      Do we miss you…?? Well I’ll let the pupils answer that……life is just not the same without you all….!!! Mr. Duggan
      Tomás & Jack M.: missing the spinnies 🙂
      Fifth & 6th class: Bug off Jamie we know where you live… 🙂

      • jamie barron

        ah sure its grand in ballyhale. And Mr.Duggan is that sarcasism? hmm.. Dont worry jack and Tomas ill be back soon and ye can 2 spinnies each!!And to 5th and 6th I know where ye live too so HA!

  3. Catherine Cassin

    LOL 😀

  4. Kiah Dwyer

    wel dun Ray!!!! im fair proud of ya!!! oh yea wel dun 2 me cousin James Dwyer aswel!!! we were all shoutin 4 ye lads!!!!!!
    wel dun!!!!!!!!!:D
    ye did us all proud!!!!!!!!:D

  5. Liam barron

    snickers get some nuts hrmh

  6. sadhbh otoole

    u made us proud Ray!! keep it up!! 🙂

  7. Jake

    Thats me BRO!!!!

  8. Edwinaa!

    Its not the colors you go home with, its the colors you come with! (thats from the persil add) Well doone Ray!

  9. you done us soooooooooo pround ray and all the other althes well done yeah all deserved it …… 🙂

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