6th Class 2011/2012

As a new school year begins we would like to welcome our new Junior Infants and say farewell to our departing 6th class. We will share Fionn’s wonderful portrait of this excellent class with you and we wish them all well.



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39 responses to “6th Class 2011/2012

  1. wow wat a brillant drawing 🙂

  2. Hannah Mcguirk

    poor tia 🙂

  3. jamie barron

    yea..my pictures werent good enough…oh well..

  4. jamie barron

    only messing fionns were better. I KNOW! ill text him and he shall reply

  5. Fionn Fitzpatrick

    Thank you all for all your comments, though I do feel quite bad for stealing jamies limelight.

  6. jamie barron

    well…Dont get me started on Fr.Quinn…

  7. Hannah Mcguirk

    I miss singing Fr.Quinn

  8. Liam barron

    same same

  9. sadhbh otoole

    hi!!we all really miss ye!! schools just not the same with out u!!kinda…………

  10. Liam barron

    hi jamie i heard you know riche

  11. Liam barron

    jodie looks she is possessed :{

  12. steven barron

    i am liam cousion

  13. soz that was me Sadhbh (awsome girl is MOI!!!) 🙂

  14. Hannah Mcguirk

    well sadhbh lets talk about that horror flim were going to make about you and me 🙂

  15. Hannah Mcguirk

    hahahahahahahahaha 🙂 evil laugh

  16. Jake O Dwyer

    Got to go. Bye peeps

  17. Kiah:P

    can i be an extra 2?? jks!!!
    so lawds wats school lyk?? is mr duggan as cranky as he was last year??? dont worry mr duggan im only messin…………. kinda:P
    oh yea tell mrs ryall dat i say well!!!!
    sorry lads have 2 go do homework:( it takes 4 eva!!!!!!!!!!
    talk ta ya

  18. jamie barron

    why so many exclamation marks kiah..calm down…

  19. Kiah Dwyer

    haaa!!!! wats ballyhale lyk?

  20. jamie barron

    i actually really like it kiah, not as bad as everyone thinks
    theres 33 in the year thats probaly like one class in prez! whats prez like?

  21. Kiah Dwyer

    prez is sum craic

  22. Edwinaa!

    Heheheh this is really goood… although jodie kind of looks like a tangarine or something! But its coool. Hooows schoo l. I miss MOST of you! Oh and happy Arthur’s day

  23. Hannah Mcguirk

    schools ok i guest but it just feels likes somethings missing without sixth class

  24. miss yeah all lads well kinda

    just jokin and yeah kiah calm down wit the explation marks it ok !!!!!……….

  25. Catherine Cassin


  26. Kiah Dwyer

    Fionn i lyk da way ya have mr.duggan in a pink jumper!!!! he used ta wear dat da whole time!!!!! lmao!!!

  27. jamie barron

    which ones shauna and which ones kiah? :/

  28. the one on the left is Kiah and the one on the right is Shauna…..i think(!!) 😀

  29. darragh dwyer

    well jamie what the crack

  30. jamie barron

    good yourself darragh…?

  31. darragh dwyer

    ah grand and hows school

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