Kilkenny……All Ireland Champions ……again

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We are all so happy here this morning after yesterday’s All Ireland victory. Half of our class were in Croke Park yesterday. We were all sitting near each other in the Davin stand. We are very proud of our team but we do feel a bit sorry for Galway. There hasn’t been a replay in an All Ireland final since 1959 when Waterford beat Kilkenny. The attendance yesterday was over 82,000. The Galway supporters outnumbered our supporters by about 4 to 1. Yesterday Kilkenny won their 34th All Ireland hurling title and Noel Hickey and Henry Shefflin won their ninth medals.The homecoming is on today in Nowlan Park and the team is expected to arrive at 6.30. There will be a huge crowd in Kilkenny to welcome home the team today. Cill Chainnigh abú.


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30 responses to “Kilkenny……All Ireland Champions ……again

  1. jamie barron

    Every day iam shefflin! H’on the cats!!

  2. Aww’hh Boots is so cute 😀 !

  3. Liam

    power reid goal

  4. Liam

    wally walsh rocks

  5. Liam

    anyone at home coming

  6. Liam

    lods of people at the home coming

  7. Hannah Mcguirk

    What a match

  8. Hannah Mcguirk

    Kilkenny Rule

  9. Nel :)

    Ya what Sadhbh said

  10. Jake O Dwyer


  11. Nel :)

    What do u mean wheres wally ?

  12. Hannah Mcguirk

    C’mon Kilkenny

  13. Nel :)

    you were up awful early Hannah 🙂


  15. Kiah Dwyer

    ha boii power boiii!!!! omg i luv paul murphy i tink hes a class hurler!!!!!

  16. Nel :)

    YA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Nel Murray :)

    opps to much explanation marks

  18. yes nel way to much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Nel Murray :)

    🙂 ! i only used one there 🙂

  20. Hannah Mcguirk

    I agree with Catherine 🙂

  21. jamie barron

    hi mr.duggan
    sorry now but are you doing to put something up about the new junior infants? i really hope you do!

  22. jamie barron

    sorry i meant going….

  23. Nel Murray :)

    ill ask him on Monday 🙂 if he will put some pictures or something

  24. Liam barron

    jamie we will get some pics do not worry@

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