Kensuke’s Kingdom Book Review

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Kensukes Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo
The story took place on an island near Papua New Guinea. The main characters are Kensuke, Michael and Michael’s Mother and Father.
My favourite character is Kensuke. He is old, wise, bony, scrawny and loves orang-utans. He is friendly, kind, graceful and very patient. He had a son and wife. His wife is called Kimi and his son is called Micya. Kensuke thought that his wife and son died in Japan after a bomb was dropped.
Michael’s parents decided to sail all around the world because they lost their jobs. They sail to Australia, to the Canaries, to Brazil and more places. Michael falls overboard one night and ends up on an island. He has to cope with living alone…. Or is he?
Michael found a man on the island called Kensuke and they have to get along. Michael taught Kensuke English so they can understand each other and as their relationship grows they bond more.
Michael has to choose between Kensuke and his family when Michael sees a boat sailing towards the island.
I liked the book because it was easy to read and is suitable for 4th 5th and 6th class pupils. It is also a very good book because the words aren’t that hard. I find this book just right.
I would give this book 9 out of 10.
Nel 5th class



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2 responses to “Kensuke’s Kingdom Book Review

  1. An all-embracing review I must say. You have very precisely elaborated all the relevant points and the book seems interesting too. Maybe I will give it a reading.

  2. yes u should it is very intresting 🙂

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