Halloween in Newmarket

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Today was the last day before the Halloween mid term break. There were some scary looking creatures lurking around our school. Can you recognise anyone here?



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15 responses to “Halloween in Newmarket

  1. jamie barron

    HAHA!! A SMURF WITH A GUN!!…iam easily amused…

  2. that was sooooooo fun!!!! 🙂

  3. Nel Murray :)

    Twas very fun 😀

  4. Nel Murray :)

    Daniel started cry so Catherine picked him up and comforted him when Catherine put him down she had tear drops on her s-shirt it was so funny 🙂

  5. edwinaaylward12


  6. jody dwyer :-)

    well lads hows school

  7. Kiah Dwyer

    hi lads how school the pres is mighty craic

  8. jamie barron

    yeah what the dywers said hows school?

  9. Kiah Dwyer

    they were both jody…… dont ask me why buh ih wuz

  10. Nel Murray :)

    i meant t-shirt not s-shirt

  11. Catherine Casiin :)

    Hey ! Mr.Duggan gets really annoyed when u speak in text speak kiah so I’d advise u not to just to keep him happy 🙂

  12. Catherine Cassin :)

    Woops I spelt Cassin wrong I spelt it casiin 😀

  13. Catherine Cassin :)

    Ye schools grand u kno same old same old :L

  14. Catherine Cassin :)

    Well except for SPAIN ON TUESDAY OMG !! 😀

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