The Justin Bieber Concert

On the 18th of February I went to a Justin Bieber concert. It was amazing. Cody Simpson and Carly Rae Jepsen were guests. When I first saw the O2 Arena I started crying. I don’t know why really. I guess I was in shock. The line was massive. When we got inside I got a hot dog, coke and candyfloss. I ate the candyfloss before the concert started. I was waiting in my seat for half an hour with my brother’s girlfriend (Mairead). It was ok because they played Michael Jackson music and showed pictures of Justin Bieber while we waited. All of a sudden a guy came on and announced that Cody Simpson was going to be on first. I forgot who introduced him J. Cody Simpson came on and sang five or six songs for us. I can’t remember the name of them. After Cody played there was a ten minute intermission. Carly Rae Jepsen was on next she sang a few songs but the one we all sang along with was ‘Call Me Maybe’ with Cody Simpson. Carly pulled two fans onto the stage and sang with them. (Lucky) .After Carly was on there was a forty minute intermission. While we were waiting Jedward came down the middle of the audience and just sat down. They started talking to the fans. For the last ten minutes of the intermission a timer started to go down. I couldn’t wait to see Justin Bieber. When it got to ten seconds everyone started to count down. A hole opened in the stage and Justin Bieber came up out of it. It was really cool he had a black cape on and he kept rising up. I started to cry. He started to sing his songs. He introduced his drummer and bassist and his DJ.

Near the end I got really upset and started bawling my eyes out. (Yup J)Justin finished the concert with a song called ‘Believe’. Everyone started to leave when five sparks went off. Everyone turned around and Justin Bieber was on stage again. He finished with ‘Boyfriend’ and another song that I can’t remember. My brother’s girlfriend told me we should go before it gets all clustered. We got outside fairly quickly. My brother (Bobby) was standing outside waiting. When I got to the car my Mam and Jake told me that there was a Range Rover with loads of police cars outside it. It zoomed through all the traffic. All in all it was an amazing time and I can’t wait to go to my next concert. Today is Justin Bieber’s birthday (1st of March)

Nel Murray 5th class



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2 responses to “The Justin Bieber Concert

  1. awesomegirl2012

    It sounded like fun! 🙂

  2. Nel Murray

    Ya it was 🙂 !!

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