Peace Proms 2013

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On the 2nd of March our school went to a concert called Peace Proms. The few months leading up to it were rehearsing the words and practicing the the moves. When the day came I was very excited. I went into the Hub and found my friends. It wasn’t long before we were up on stage practicing the songs and getting the moves right. After the hour of rehearsals were over, we went upstairs to eat lunch. When we came back downstairs to get ready for the concert there was loads of people queuing up to get in. We got to our places on stage and started the show. The orchestra was pretty big and loud, but not too loud. The orchestra was very good. They played lots of songs that I wasn’t familiar with  but they still sounded good. We sang Crossing Borders, For Just A Little While, Don’t Worry Be Happy, The Climb, Light The Fire Within, Feel The Beat, Let There Be Peace On Earth and Get On Your Feet.  I found the performance fun and enjoyable. I enjoyed the orchestra playing as well. I liked  looking at all the instruments and when we weren’t playing and the orchestra were, I would find an instrument that looked interesting and I would tap along with the beat. I loved listening to all the trumpets and violins because they both sound so amazing. There were twin boys that were 11 years old. They were pretty awesome. Other performers such as Patrica Treacy, violinist, and Patrick Martin on the uilleann pipes were there performing . They were both very good. Our conductor, Gearoíd Grant, was great fun. He was nice as well as strict but he got the job done. The overall experience was fun and I would love to do it again.

Nel 5th class



March 3, 2013 · 8:30 am

2 responses to “Peace Proms 2013

  1. Nel Murray

    One of the pictures was the girls talking and I’m just looking around 😛

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