Spelling Bee

spelling bee
Today I went to the Spelling Bee in Presentation Primary School in Kilkenny. We left school at 10 past 10 in the morning. We arrived there at 15 to 11. When we got there I registered myself in and got a t-shirt! We got around 20 minutes to practice our spellings and go to the toilet then they began. All the spellers had to go up on stage and sit down where they tell you to. First we did a practice round then the real thing. I got knocked out on the third round because I spelt exhilarate wrong I spelt it without the H so it was exilerate. I wasn’t the only one to get knocked out on the third round because that’s when the words got tricky and people got nervous. When there was only 2 people left the words got very hard and 2 people called Kate and Kevin were in the last round, Kevin won. When it was over all the spellers were asked on stage again and received a certificate a badge, an Eason’s dictionary and 3 book vouchers. We took some pictures on the way out on my Mam’s phone. Overall it was a great experience! 🙂
Catherine Cassin 5th class



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2 responses to “Spelling Bee

  1. Yeah but I wasnt happy with the place I got cause I could’ve spelt it if I thought 🙂 But still it was fun! 😀

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