My Confirmation

The night before my Confirmation was a bit stressful! We were trying to make sure everything was ready and perfect! Of course not everything was perfect, the weather! It was so typical, Saturday was a gorgeous day and the sun was splitting the stones! But unfortunately I couldn’t say the same for Sunday, in fact it was the complete opposite! But I was determined to enjoy my day however the weather! When it came to the morning of the Confirmation I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. And the good thing was that I woke up to a bouncy slide outside! When it was time to leave the house I nearly left without my recorder, but I ran back inside to get it. Once we got to the church it was nearly full! I must say, I felt very important! Father Hoyne, Father Cassin and Bishop Seamus Freeman said the mass. When it was time for the 7 of us to go up and say a reading I felt a bit nervous, but once I said the first word I felt comfortable. We belted out all the songs we learned throughout the mass and the girls who sang the solos sand brilliantly! There are three stages in the confirmation mass, first is the renewal of baptismal promises, second is the laying on of hands and third is the anointing of the oil of chrism. When the mass was over all three schools tried to take a picture but there were too many of us so we took one of each school on their own. When we got home we had half an hour or so until everyone came. I stayed on the bouncy slide but it was soaking! When I came inside my cousin Johnny asked me if I had a shower in my clothes! The weather was a bit disappointing considering that I had a bouncy slide but putting that aside I had a wonderful time and it was a great day!

Catherine Cassin
6th Class


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