Macna Gets Gold

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It was Luke McNamara and Jack McGuirk playing in the final. It was a sunny warm Tuesday when the final was played.  Before the match I could feel the tension in the classroom. Everyone was getting ready for the match inside their head, getting in the zone, all fighting for the glorious prize of free homework. At lunch time everyone went outside to warm up. At 12:40 the ball was thrown in. There was lovely play by Jack, Luke , Darragh and Edward. Darragh got a beautiful goal and even with Luke’s best efforts it flew past him. I think Pa Kelly wouldn’t even have saved that one. Then at the other end Mikey pulled on the ground and there was a scramble on the goal line but nobody could stop it from crossing the line. After that Darragh plucked one out of the sky and put it over. At half time the score was as close as it could be at 1-3 to 1-3.  I was thinking it was going to be the All Ireland Final all over again. With some lovely points from Luke, Jack , Edward and Darragh the score stayed very close. From a ball hit by Luke they scored their goal when Luke hit it down the centre and it looked like Jack was going to get but Mikey got a flick on it and it went to the other side of the goal and Jack couldn’t get it. With some more points from Darragh and Luke it stayed very close. But then Aoine got dragged down inside the box that isn’t there. Edward stepped up to hit. Would he do an Anthony Nash , T. J.or even a Davy Fitz?. He stepped up and smashed it past the goalkeeper. Some points followed from Jack and Darragh but it wasn’t enough and Luke’s team prevailed and won it.  It was a brilliant match. The final score was 3-6 to 1-8


                                                                     Liam 6th class


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